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A New Program for Laid Off Attorneys

Those who remember the 2009 recession will recall the mass layoffs that left more than 4,000 Biglaw attorneys jobless, and altered the career trajectory of thousands more. It’s unclear yet whether we are gearing up for another round of mass layoffs, or careful pruning. So far a large number of firms have announced both cost-cutting salary reductions and some are already resorting to layoffs. Regardless, much like we did in 2009, we are readying ourselves to implement additional services for our attorney clients who are, or may soon be, out of work. 

The aptly named Bridge Year Program we launched in 2009 was a temporary program that provided a bridge between Biglaw and the attorney’s next endeavour. The goal was to provide a buffer from the attorney’s exit out of Biglaw, and possibly a route back in. Indeed many of our candidates resumed working at Biglaw firms after the crisis abated. 

We are still finalizing the details, but the new program would be much more robust than our 2009 offering and provide attorneys with much more flexibility and stability thanks to our increased footprint, and synergies with our sister companies Cadence Counsel and Bridgeline Solutions. If you are interested in learning more about the program, register at Lateral Link and we will email you once the full details of the program are finalized. 

We’re all in this together. We hope for your continued health and safety, and we aim to be an instrumental resource in helping you through this pandemic as smoothly as possible.

Firms looking for top temporary talent should contact the Managing Principal of Bridgeline Solutions, Craig Brown.