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Top Four Ways to Prepare for a Job Interview

Getting the interview is the first step.  Getting the job offer is what you really want.   We always tell our candidates to secure the job offer so that you are the one making the decision.   Otherwise, you don’t really have an option from which choose.  That said, interview preparation is a crucial step oftentimes overlooked in the process for those who think that can just wing it.

Know Your Resume. Preparation is key. If your plan is to go to the interview and just “fake it until you make it,” you will never make it. Your résumé is not sufficient enough to get you the job anymore. Back in the day, the interview process was merely a formality and a way for firms to screen out people who were completely socially inept. Today, you have to factor in many components and make certain you follow these steps:

  • Know your résumé inside and out, and prepare yourself to speak in detail about your cases or transactions. The interview is your chance to shine and further expand on everything you have accomplished up until this point.  Take a video of yourself answering common interview questions and ask for constructive feedback.
  • Act with confidence, not arrogance. It is not everyday that you have to spend hours discussing your accomplishments. You need to develop a simple sales pitch highlighting your strengths, accomplishments and experiences, all without sounding like an arrogant summer associate who is inquiring about early partnership prospects. There is a balance.

Know the Interviewers. One of the most important items is to research your interviewers. Before you set foot in the interviewer’s office, make sure you know your audience. Look for interesting common connections, past wins, anything that ties you and the interviewer together. There are numerous sources that provide specific background.   Most obviously, a firm’s website. Next up, LinkedIn. Lastly, the great mass of social media posts from Instagram to Facebook.  Most importantly, talk to your recruiter who, if worth their grain of salt, should know the personalities from prior interviewees who have gone through the process.  The goal is to demonstrate both your genuine interest in and deep knowledge of the firm.

Show Your Knowledge. You want the interviewer to know you are taking the process seriously and want the job. Every interviewer will ask you if you have any questions, and it is important to have thoughtful and relevant questions prepared as it shows a great deal of interest.   Also, adjust your questions based on the flow of the interview.  Don’t sound like a robot.   You shouldn’t ask an equity partner the same question as a senior associate. Know your audience.  Use segues when appropriate, especially if the conversation begins to dwindle, but never completely hijack the interview.

Dress the Part. Look professional, respectful and hungry. Don’t pull up in a Ferrari, wearing a Rolex watch and popping a Gucci pocket square. Dress to the standards of the environment. That means, likely no denim, unless your interview is with Quinn Emanuel, but even there, we’d recommend a more professional look. When in doubt, think simple and appropriate, not flashy. Take, for example, Andrea SoRelle, Principal at Lateral Link.

You may be surprised to know that there are four other candidates just as strong as you are who are interviewing for the same ONE spot. The candidate attending an interview without sufficient preparation demonstrates to the decision maker a lack of interest, which will ultimately result in a lukewarm reception to your candidacy. Let Lateral Link help guide you through a successful interview to a job offer. Contact us today and allow one of our seasoned legal recruiters prepare you for the big day.

Lateral Link Job of the Week – August 7, 2019


CONFIDENTIAL – Register for more information on this INCREDIBLE opportunity.


Los Angeles, CA

About the Position & Requirements:

We are working directly with the top, Chambers-ranked (Band 1) Real Estate group, located in Los Angeles. We work very closely with the partners who lead the group.

Any attorneys with:

  • Strong academic credentials and transactional real estate experience are encouraged to contact us, regardless of seniority.
  • Furthermore, any attorneys interested in exploring the possibility of retooling their practice from corporate to real estate are welcome to apply.

*Note: The firm compensates at the TOP of the Los Angeles market, while offering unparalleled opportunities for professional development and long-term career prospects, whether in the form of making partner or securing a premier in-house role.



August 5, 2019 – Recent Attorney Moves

Law firms are always looking for the best legal talent to bolster their various practice groups. This past week, Allen Matkins, Mayer Brown, Jones Day, Baker Botts and Allen & Overy made some additions to their already impressive teams.

1. Allen Matkins Welcomes Real Estate Partner Mark Nicoletti

2. Mayer Brown enhances Restructuring, Bankruptcy & Insolvency practice with arrival of Adam Paul

3. Jones Day Picks Up Vinson & Elkins’ Antitrust Co-Lead in Texas – Bloomberg Law

4. Baker Botts Adds Veteran Financial Restructuring Lawyer to NY Office – News – ABL Advisor

5. Allen & Overy hires transactional funds specialist – Global Legal Group

Your career is important to us and our team of well-versed legal recruiters are here to make your next lateral move as seamless as possible.


Take Control of Your Career

Guide to Choosing the Right Firm for You

You are looking to make a lateral move to another Biglaw firm. You make a checklist of things you want from your next move. You want to work for a firm that provides a good environment, partners that are willing to help with all your questions, mentors throughout the firm, higher salaries to help with that massive student loan and a chance to move up fairly quickly. There is never a perfect choice as lots of good options exist — but Lateral Link can help get you as close to a perfect situation as possible.

Keep in mind that the field you have chosen comes with expectations that might seem daunting when you sit and think about it. An all in compensation increase is usually a big factor. But the initial starting compensation isn’t as meaningful as the long term upside. I oftentimes see attorneys make long term decisions without considering the real long-term compensation differences. At the very least, you should know the lockstep associate ranges, and even more important, the partnership prospects and that that actually means should you receive the invitation.

Before deciding on which firm to join, consider these tips, provided by Lateral Link

Don’t believe everything you hear. While in law school, many students hear various things about specific law firms. Word of advice? Don’t listen. Every experience is different, every situation is different. Law students must understand that there is no “one” perfect firm. Most things you hear during your law school tenure are inaccurate, superficial, and out of date. Students should use their lawyerly skepticism without being cynical. The publicly available rankings are mostly fluff. The reality is that every firm changes its composition every year based on the lateral movements, both in and out, that the firm realizes. Take Dewey for example:

Balancing work and life is always challenging – no matter which firm you choose. It seems like the moment you decide to start a family is the exact same moment your legal career is at its busiest. You have chosen a tough and demanding profession. The years when you learn your craft, develop your specialty, gain acceptance, earn a promotion, and cement relationships with clients are in direct and substantial conflict with the years when you start and raise your family. That will not change. What you can do is discuss with your life partner the choices you are going to make in order to manage the process as effectively as possible. Additionally, U.S News & World Report provided some pointers on How To Handle Workplace Stress.

Do not assume that size always matters. Do not assume that taking a job at a smaller law firm necessarily means less hours and kumbaya in the office. Many lawyers who make the leap from large firms to small firms are dismally surprised when the hours and pressure does not change, and even more troubled that what they thought was a millennial culture with group hugs and unlimited kombucha on tap is actually a firm where the pressure to produce is paramount. To that end, sometimes in house roles actually require more hours and less pay than what you would see at a law firm. This information isn’t readily available via online resources or self-flattery. A good recruiter will know the difference in expectations among various career options.

Choose a firm based on the people. Pick a firm based on the people. The structural components are helpful, but ultimately, decision makers make the decisions that will most affect where you fit in the structure. Who cares if a firm has $4mm PPP when you are invited into the partnership. You may be better off with a firm that has much lower metrics if you are someone who stands out and is rightfully recognized.

For those of you who are not parents but believe that that is in your future, there is really no way to put into words the benefits and burdens of parenting. It’s the most rewarding and demanding job you will ever have. It’s unpredictable, time-consuming, draining, exhausting, and fascinating. And that’s just in the first few days after you bring a child home from the hospital. Setting aside the moments of wonder and awe — it is also tiring and difficult. There are days when your eyelids ache. There are nights when you can’t sort the burdens of work from the burdens of parenting. You will experience sleepless dawns followed by demanding days.

So what’s the moral of the story? There is no perfect firm, and anyone who says there is probably also has a bridge to sell you and doesn’t deserve your trust. But there are better options more aligned with your career goals. Contact one of our well-versed recruiters today to discuss your specific goals so that we can create a bespoke plan that fits your needs.


Lateral Link Job of the Week – July 29, 2019


Confidential – Register here to find out.


Portland, ME – U.S. News Best Places to Live

About the Firm

Our client is a full-service law firm with more than 130 attorneys and a growing number of service-based practice groups. The firm has a regional presence in the Northeast, with offices from Maine to Washington, D.C., allowing them to serve clients with interests across the country and around the world. Through scalable staffing, careful communication and skillful project management, this firm helps individuals and businesses achieve their goals in a manner that suits their unique legal needs and preferred work methods.


  • 3-5 years of experience with an emphasis on advising on employment & labor issues;
  • Litigation experience is a plus;
  • Proven track record with good writing samples;
  • General ability to fully analyze difficult issues;
  • Commitment to Maine;
  • Business-focused mindset with a desire to grow their practice.


Michael Jude Di Gennaro –



July 29, 2019 – Recent Attorney Moves

Law firms are always looking for the best legal talent to bolster their various practice groups. This past week, Holland & Hart, Greenberg Traurig, Sheppard Mullin, Allen Matkins and Shearman & Sterling made some additions to their already impressive teams.

1. Experienced Finance Attorney Burke Gappmayer Joins Holland & Hart in Salt Lake City 

2. Greenberg Traurig Adds Two Shareholders in Miami Office – News – ABL Advisor  

3. Jarrett Reed Joins Sheppard Mullin In Dallas – Cook County Record 

4. Allen Matkins Welcomes Land Use Partner Spencer B. Kallick 

5. Shearman & Sterling Adds Corporate Partner Max Hua in Hong Kong

Your career is important to us and our team of well-versed legal recruiters are here to make your next lateral move as seamless as possible.


Take Control of Your Career

Tips to Increase Your Biglaw Salary

Think back to the summer of 2018, when everyone thought that Tobias Harris was crazy for not taking an $80 million extension from the Los Angeles Clippers. Fast forward to the summer of 2019, Harris received a contract extension worth $180 million from the 76ers.

Just because your current employer tells you that you are worth a certain amount does NOT mean you cannot bet on yourself and secure more cash in your pocket. Salary negotiations are tricky, and it is helpful to get in touch with an experienced recruiter before you attempt to renegotiate with your current firm. Before you start maneuvering, here is a guide to consider before strategizing.

Lateral Moves. Typically, moving laterally is one of the fastest and most efficient ways to increase your salary by 10-20%. It is simply the nature of the business that different firms will value you at different levels—much like Harris means more to Philadelphia as a complement to Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons than he does to the Clippers. You should leverage the market to maximize your payday. After twelve years of prep, four years of undergrad (or maybe five to the ire of your parents), three years of law school and possibly eight years as an associate, partnership is your chance for payday. What may seem like a marginal increase in pay can compound immensely after a 20-30 year partnership and any increase in pay can also provide a launch point for future increases as well. Don’t simply chase the next payday, make sure it sets up the subsequent ones as well.

Put Management On Notice (Tactfully). Approach management at the firm in a smart and well thought out manner. If you approach management without doing your research, they will not recognize your efforts and most likely you won’t get any offer at all. We have many resources available to help partners know their market worth. There are many free resources available to you so you can try to ascertain your maximum market value. Like Yelp and other user-generated-content sites, you probably won’t find the data realistic for your pay grade. Lateral Link recruiters have access to many tools to help you figure out your highest potential salary and where you can get it.

Recent laterals are also a good indicator of what you are worth on the market—albeit not always at your firm. If a partner with a similar background laterals to your firm with a significantly higher salary, go to management and show them that this is indicative of an increase in your value as well.

Success From Within. Connections are important outside of your firm, but your current workplace can also be a great resource to build your network. Seek out lawyers in similar practices and you may be able to source additional work should the client’s needs be more suited towards your expertise. Furthermore, get to know the successful group heads and try to align yourself with them. If you consistently show management that you are a hard worker and have a positive presence in the office, they will be more inclined to reward you when the time is right.

Keep in mind, your value grows, whether you are an associate, partner or counsel if the firm is prospering from your work. This might sound too obvious, but many attorneys undervalue their skills or become complacent over time. The truth is, if you are a partner and your salary has not increased over the past 10 years, you are making significantly less than market. Make sure your salary is adjusted not only for inflation but also for your market value.

Don’t Bite Off More Than You Can Chew. If you go into a salary negotiation, you better be able to deliver everything you promised or that will come back to bite you and you could find yourself in a worse position than where you started. When you negotiate a salary with your current or prospective firm, make sure you keep your long-term practice in mind. Everyone wants a large salary, but if you are fired or lose clients, your value has the potential to be significantly less than your previous market value.

If you are having trouble with salary negotiations or feel that your skill set is underappreciated, connect with us and we can help you determine your true market value as a starting point.

July 2019: Job(s) of the Week Recap

July brought forth many great job openings to Lateral Link and we still have great opportunities available. Hit one of the links below to see if they are the right choice for you and your legal career.

  1. Lateral Link Job of the Week: Litigation Boutique with Above Market Compensation
  2. Lateral Link Exclusive Job Of The Week: General Counsel Position
  3. Lateral Link Job of the Week – Takes Us North of the Border

Contact our team of well-versed recruiters for more information about the above postings and many other EXCLUSIVE openings we would love to share with you.


Take Control of Your Career

July 22, 2019 – Recent Attorney Moves

Law firms are always looking for the best legal talent to bolster their various practice groups. This past week, Baker McKenzie, DLA Piper, Pryor Cashman, Greenberg Traurig and Paul Hastings made some additions to their already impressive teams.

1. Baker McKenzie Boosts Los Angeles Offering with Leading Securities Litigation and Enforcement Duo

2. Six-partner group joins DLA Piper across key markets and practice groups from coast to coast

3. Pryor Cashman Adds To Its Exec Compensation Team – Radio & Television Business Report

4. Greenberg Traurig Bolsters Labor & Employment Practice in California with Addition of Timothy Long – The Chestnut Post

5. Paul Hastings adds transatlantic PE team in London and Washington DC – Private Equity Wire

Your career is important to us and our team of well-versed legal recruiters are here to make your next lateral move as seamless as possible.


Take Control of Your Career

Lateral Link Wants You!

Over the past decade, Lateral Link has become the prominent player in the legal recruiting industry.

Our Success

 Lateral Link has made thousands of placements with almost every Am Law 200 law firm in the nation. Not only do we have personal relationships with decisionmakers at the biggest and best firms in the nation, but our exclusives with and insider information about some of the most desirable law firms separates us from ALL of our competitors in the field.  We are a market mover, not a follower.

Highest Compensation in Our Industry

We understand that hiring and retaining the best legal recruiters requires spreading the wealth.  Not only do you deserve it, but you should demand it.  Lateral Link’s recruiters earn 50-85% ABOVE the market.  Also, our Principals partake in real profit sharing.   If you are earning a typical 50% without any real upside, you should reconsider your options.

Teamwork & Culture

If you have to define the legal recruiting industry, you would probably say it is a “dog eat dog world.” At Lateral Link, our recruiters find working together and collaborating on searches gives us an edge over our regional or national competition.   If you don’t have access to decision-makers and your brand isn’t opening the door in a meaningful way, why are you bringing more to a platform than what you are giving.   We encourage you to look at the contributions you make.   Is your platform really helping you?

Many Perks

We know the business aspect is important, but we also like to have a bit of fun at Lateral Link. We believe it is important to bring all of our colleagues together, from across the nation, annually at our company retreats.

Last month, we highlighted Why Legal Recruiting is the Right Career Choice and today we are here to tell you why Lateral Link is the right company for you.