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Congratulations to the Harvard Law School Class of 2019

Our CEO, Michael Allen, would like to congratulate the members of the Harvard Law School class of 2019 on their graduation. Today is a joyous occasion for the graduates and their families, the culmination of many years of hard work.

And long after they have left its hallowed halls, Harvard Law School and the HLS community will continue to support them in their endeavors — as Allen, a 2004 graduate of the Law School, well knows.

“I value what HLS and its alumni have afforded me since graduation,” Allen said. “I wanted to give back to the Law School by creating a fund that could be used to provide financial assistance to current students.”

Toward that end, in 2015, Allen established a new financial aid fund at the Law School. Whenever Lateral Link places HLS alumni, it donates ten percent of the fees earned to the Lateral Link Scholarship Fund, dedicated to need-based financial aid for HLS students.

For more information about this scholarship, click here.