Executive In-House Search

We focus exclusively on in-house legal placements.

Lateral Link’s Cadence Counsel specializes in in-house legal recruitment, dedicating itself to delivering outstanding service to our esteemed clients. As a WBE Certified In-House practice, we boast a diverse team of seasoned and reliable consultants who set us apart from other less experienced recruiters. In order to ensure a customized, research-based approach for our clients, we deliberately maintain a limited number of engagements on our mixed desk of recruiters.

Our process is customized, and client driven.

Our process is tailored to meet the individual needs of our clients, with a strong emphasis on client preferences. We leverage our extensive in-house intelligence and industry best practices to create a unique search process that ensures efficiency and successful placement. Our approach extends beyond the initial hiring process, as we focus on promoting attorney integration, retention, and development.

Our clients consider us a thought leadership powerhouse, particularly within the diversity and inclusion space.

Our clients consider us a thought leader in the industry, particularly when it comes to diversity and inclusion. We work with our clients to understand their diversity and inclusion goals, allowing us to develop a customized diversity search strategy at the outset of each engagement. In addition to conducting searches for in-house Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officers, we offer talent integration services as part of our search practice, aimed at enhancing attorney retention rates within in-house legal divisions. Our consultants provide customized talent integration consulting services for each engagement, following candidates throughout their careers to ensure sustainable and measurable progress in diversity, equity, and inclusion.