Executive In-House Search

We focus exclusively on in-house legal placements.

Lateral Link’s Cadence Counsel (WBE Certified) In-House practice understands the value of partnering with a seasoned and consistent team of consultants to avoid being routed to a large queue of junior recruiters. We accept a limited number of engagements to ensure an attentive, customized, and research-based placement experience.

Our process is customized, and client driven.

By gathering decades of in-house intelligence and industry best practices, Lateral Link’s Cadence Counsel has designed a customized search process to promote efficiencies and client-driven preferences throughout the entire placement experience. Our approach to executive search looks beyond the hire, with an eye toward attorney integration, retention, and development.

Our clients consider us a thought leadership powerhouse, particularly within the diversity and inclusion space.

In all cases, we seek to understand the goals that our clients have set surrounding diversity and inclusion so that a customized diversity search strategy can be developed from the outset of the engagement.  In addition to conducting searches for in-house Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officers, our practice offers a suite of talent integration services as part of our search practice, which increases attorney retention rates within in-house legal divisions. Our talent integration consulting services are customized at the outset of each engagement, and consultants often follow our candidates for the duration of their careers to promote sustainable, measurable progress in diversity, equity, and inclusion.