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Introducing Matt Ritter

Lateral Link is proud to introduce its newest recruiter Matt Ritter. Matt joins us as a University of Pennsylvania Law graduate and former attorney at Quinn Emanuel, Kirkland and Ellis and Mayer Brown. Matt left the insular world of law in 2009 to pursue his dream of working in the entertainment business. From performing stand-up to producing the highest rated unscripted show in history, Duck Dynasty, Matt has learned the value of tenacity and self-promotion, two qualities key for attorneys to secure their dream jobs. Matt has a deep network of both law and entertainment industry contacts. We’re happy to have Matt join our company, which is conditional on his supplying free hugs and beer.


Ten Questions With Matt Ritter:


Q: Why did you want to become a lawyer?


A: I wanted to reenact Jack Nicholson’s scene from a Few Good Men.


Q: How did that turn out?


A: As a finance lawyer I never got my moment in court. Now I dress up my dog as Jack Nicholson and reenact the part with her.


Q: When did legal recruiting come to your mind as a possible career?


A: The more adept I became at navigating the entertainment industry, the more I began to realize that I was developing a skill that many attorneys go their entire careers without cultivating. The ability to communicate with someone efficiently for mutually beneficial ends is an important skill to have. I use to write for the Lawyerist giving advice to Big Law attorneys and I put one and one together and ended up in this field.


Q: What is your proudest (non-legal) accomplishment.


A: Getting hired to produce Duck Dynasty. I met the president of the production company awhile back and he wanted to hire me as their lawyer when I was no longer practicing. I ran into him a year later when he was getting into his Bentley and I summoned up the courage and told him I really wanted a job working for him in a non legal capacity. The very next week, I got hired as a producer on the highest rated unscripted show on TV. This just goes to show that you are not going to get something if you don’t ask for it.


Q: Who is your fictional attorney counterpart?


A: Mike from Suits. He had a secret that he never went to Harvard, my secret was I was doing stand-up comedy every night when I should have been focusing on revising credit agreements.


Q: How did you get all that done?


A: Starbucks rewards card.


Q: Mayer Brown or Kirkland?


A: Mayer Brown because you always remember your first…but truthfully it was really tough, it was the height of the subprime mortgage backed securitization craze so we were cranking out at least one deal every month. Kirkland had its benefits too, especially the mid-year bonuses.


Q: Do you have a favorite comedian?


A: Probably [George] Carlin, he had a way with words but he also had a strong perspective. I think a lot of people are afraid to have such a strong voice, because it can get them in trouble, but really they just end up lost in the shuffle.


Q: What is your goal in legal recruiting?


A: My goal is for people to find the right balance between work and personal life. I learned firsthand that if your are not happy at work you are not going to be happy in life. I think the right fit is out there for everybody.


Q: What’s your personal mantra?


A: If your story is holding you back, change your story. Always be looking forward, but learn from your past mistakes too.