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Jason Rindenau Joins As The Managing Director is thrilled to announce the newest addition to our team, Jason Rindenau, as the Managing Director of Haistack Law Firm. With a rich tapestry of experiences that blends the rigor of legal practice with the creative flair of the entertainment industry, Jason stands out as a multifaceted professional ready to bridge the gap between technology and the law.

Jason’s passion for law was ignited by his interests in the entertainment industry including a stint as a contestant on Jeopardy! during his high school years. He felt he had found his community among these attorneys practicing in the entertainment sphere and, with encouragement from his mentors, he pursued law at New York Law School where he obtained his J.D. His love for the debate podium that he fostered in high school eventually led him from law school to pursue a career first as a legal recruiter and, upon moving to Florida in 2019, as a litigator. 

Beyond his legal pursuits, Jason is an avid traveler, reader, and writer with a penchant for blogging about his adventures. While studying in Australia in college, he was even a cast member of the NBC show Junior Year Abroad. More importantly, he is a devoted husband and father of two beautiful children.

One of Jason’s most profound experiences was a trip to Poland during college where he interviewed individuals who assisted in rescuing Jewish families during the Holocaust. This journey culminated in a documentary film called The European Village Project about these individuals’ brave efforts to save lives during World War II. 

At, Jason will leverage his diverse experiences, from his deep understanding of the legal profession to his creative engagements in the entertainment and travel sectors, to foster meaningful connections with law firms. His unique background makes him exceptionally suited to understand and address the nuanced needs of our legal clients, ensuring that remains at the forefront of innovation in legal technology.

We are excited to have Jason on board and look forward to the dynamic perspectives and insights he will bring to our team. Please join us in welcoming Jason Rindenau to the family, and schedule some time with Jason to learn more about what can do for your firm.