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Lateral Link Job of the Week: Litigation Boutique with Above Market Compensation


Elite Trial Boutique, located in Los Angeles. Will also consider candidates in Washington, D.C.


Culture. Our firm is an incubator for innovation and efficiency. We do not bill by the hour outside of very rare situations for short durations. Instead, we charge fixed fees, often with success-based bonuses or contingencies. This approach motivates us to be exceptionally efficient in order to maximize the value of our time while delivering incredible value and unique results to our clients. As a result, we are also deeply interested in incorporating new technologies that can help us do more in less time. Our model attracts and fosters lawyers who want to continually enhance their efficiency—and thus the value of their time—and who are looking to stay at the cutting edge of the use of technology in the practice of law. Our lawyers look to get their work done and leave the office, not to sit around in order to hit billable hour targets. 

 Compensation. $50,000 signing bonus to former appellate clerks; $25,000 signing bonus to others; compensation is Big Law pay scale with Big Law bonus or greater, assuming satisfactory performance and at least 2100 hours of billable work performed. Bonus amount is primarily determined based on the efficiency and quality of work performed, not based on the number of hours worked. We also welcome, and highly compensate, attorneys seeking a lower hours commitment. Please inquire for details.

Seven-Figure Compensation Potential. Any lawyer at the firm can generate business and will be compensated for business generation via a significant percentage of revenues generated from the business. The goal of the firm is to create a number of elite trial lawyers who are also significant business generators, and who have individual reputations in the marketplace. Lawyers are taught what it takes to bring in business and the firm assists and advises them with their business generation efforts, while also showing them what happens behind the scenes of the business of law.

Team. We are extremely selective in our hiring. Our small team has repeatedly and consistently defeated many of the largest law firms in the country and some of the most famous lawyers around. As a member of the firm, you will have the pleasure of working with brilliant colleagues, with no weak links in the chain. We believe that talent always wins, and our small size allows us to limit our hiring to only the most exceptionally talented lawyers.

Flexibility. We have plenty of work for those who wish to put in longer hours. But we are also understanding of family and personal commitments, and do not give last-minute assignments to ruin weekend plans or vacations. We simply insist that each member of the firm does his or her work as a professional, prioritizing the firm’s work in the manner that is deserving of the significant responsibility we owe to our clients, to the firm’s brand, and to our colleagues. Attorneys are allowed to work remotely or take days off as needed, provided that they are able to meet their responsibilities to the firm and its clients.

Cutting Edge Work. We consistently litigate against the largest, most highly respected firms in the country. Our work has been extensively featured in and We have created significant and widely cited precedents at the Federal Circuit, have obtained first-of-its-kind wins at the district court level, have reshaped the IPR landscape at the PTAB, and recently launched a very significant ITC campaign. We have expanded our client base from institutional patent licensing entities to practicing, operating entities and private equity funds. We also regularly deal with the largest litigation finance funds, with whom we have exceptional relationships. The sophistication level of our work is second to none and offers constant opportunities for intellectual engagement and growth.



The ideal candidate will have a minimum of 2 years of experience, but more senior attorneys (10+ years of experience) will also be considered. Only those candidates with significant, substantive IP litigation or commercial litigation experience need apply. Strong academic credentials and top law firm experience are required.


Zach Sandberg –