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Lateral Link Presents: The Rainmaker Series

Lateral Link will begin its monthly Webinar series starting May 9, 2019 with host, Cordell Parvin. Cordell is a former Partner and Shareholder who practiced law for 38 years and has coached attorneys in client development for over 15 years. Since 2003, he has taught, helped and guided over 1500 lawyers. Last year, Cordell joined Lateral Link where in addition to recruiting partners, he continues to coach lawyers across the nation.

Our monthly Rainmaker client development webinar series will distill what Cordell has taught lawyers over the last 16 years into hour-long segments. Cordell will also answer specific questions from the registered users. Registering for the webinar can be done so by clicking this LINK

The topics that will be covered during this webinar series will be:

May 2019Introduction Client Development 2019
June 2019How to Prepare Plan and Goals
July 2019Time Management, Hold Yourself Accountable
August 2019How Clients Select Lawyers and Law Firms
September 2019Raising Your Credibility and Visibility
October 2019Writing and Speaking to Get Hired
November 2019Blogging
December 2019Relationship Building
January 2020Social Media
February 2020Client Meetings, Client Pitches, Getting Selected
March 2020Client Service
April 2020What Sets Rainmakers Apart or What Separates Stars from Superstars

Please email Cordell directly if you have any questions at and check out his blog to see more tips and advice from Cordell.