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New & Improved Lateral Link Job Board

As a full-service recruiting firm, we pride ourselves in providing our clients with all the support and service they need to execute a successful lateral move. Whether it is sourcing lateral opportunities, refining resumes, or preparing for the interview, Lateral Link makes the process as seamless as possible for each and every registered member.

In an effort to increase transparency, we have revamped our job board as a side feature to complement our full-service model. We are giving you the tools to browse the same open market that we do. While browsing, if you see any openings that interest you, let us know with the button at the bottom of the listing, and we will take care of the rest!


Our job board includes exclusive listings directly from law firms. Skip the crowd and let your resume stand out with these openings.


We pull jobs from hundreds of the top law firms around the world and let you filter to find openings that match your experience and desires.


Our job board automatically updates as new jobs are opened, giving you the most up to date view of the lateral market.