Susan Agopian

Senior Director, Partner Practice Group
Office: Los Angeles
P: 818.445.7515
School: California State University, Los Angeles, MA

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Susan Agopian specializes in partner representation in the lateral market in California.

Born and raised in Bulgaria, Susan brings a unique and worldly perspective to her current position. She spent her formative years traveling through Europe with her mother, a prima ballerina, before making Los Angeles her permanent home in 1994 and allowing basketball to complement her lifelong love affair with soccer. Susan’s MA in Philosophy enabled her to turn down Virginia law school, instead spending the past decade mastering the headhunting profession.

Susan manages to balance her work life with a wide range of culinary and bucket list items. An animal lover, she is a passionate supporter of the ASPCA and the Humane Society. She is also a movie buff, 70s music fan, car enthusiast and an avid follower of Grand Prix motorcycle racing.